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Grammatically incorrect use of "Woke".

  • I'm a grammar freak.  I may not be perfect in grammar usage, but I do have an excellent foundation in writing, so much so, when words are used incorrectly, I'm almost in the "Sheldon" realm in reaction where I want to cringe. (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory).

    Everything has changed since the pandemic.  People are more angry, less apologetic, have lost their sense of humor and more so, their writing reflects the constant text dynamics of using shortened word phrases or even taking one word like "woke" to represent a movement.

    I really don't mind being "awakened" by new knowledge, or enlightened by new data or scientific research, but I'd rather not be "woke".

    You wonder why students are having so many writing challenges in school as they now write like they text and struggle with creating sentences that are well structured meeting the criteria of a complete sentence.

    I'd rather be "awakened" with knowledge rather the "woke".