Deciding to Home School

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    September 19, 2022 12:06 PM PDT

    Deciding to home school your children is a personal choice. Sometimes it's an easy choice depending on the reason to home school, and sometimes when choosing there are so many more questions that arise, that you feel overwhelmed if it's the right choice.

    I was a home school mom from the time my daughter was four years old. The private school system failed us for numerous reasons and we felt that home schooling was the best choice. I never dreamed I would become a home schooling mom, much less home schooling for all of the years I did until about her eighth grade year, to which we then transitioned back to a private school setting.

    There is more to that story from her high school experience that I would be happy to discuss because those issues we had were also some of the "unknown" challenges you don't expect nor know how to ask for, unless you've been through it before.

    We all have so much we can share in support for each other. As many families that are now choosing to home school, together we can create a group with substantive conversation and helpful tips.

    Are you home schooling now or plan to home school in the future?